Steel confidence.

Free cutting steels

These steels are commonly called "for high-speed machining". They are easy to work with high-cutting speed on automatic machine tools. The essential characteristics of these steels are the ease of chip removal thanks to the presence of sulfur S (in percentages which can reach up to 0.40%) and the possibility of self-lubrication of the material during processing thanks to the presence of Pb (up to 0,35% which is the maximum percentage allowed by the European Standard of reference EN 10277-03, by the European 1907-2006/CE Reach Regulation and the European Directive 2011-65/UE RHoS2).

These steels are divided into three categories:

  • free-cutting steels not intended for heat treatment 11SMnPb37 , 11SMnPb30 , 11SMn30 and 11SMn37
  • free-cutting steels for quenching and tempering 36SMnPb14 , 35S20 , 44SMn28 , 46S20 etc.
  • free-cutting steels for case hardening 10S20 , 10SPb20 , 15SMn13