Covid-19 emergency: Steelgroup is operational in compliance with the new health protection rules.

With reference to Italian Government instructions, adopted by provision DPCM 08/03/2020 and DPCM 11/03/2020

Read DPCM 08/03/2020

Read DPCM 11/03/2020

Steelgroup announces that our companies activities are continuing regularly and all the staff necessary to continue production and to comply with deliveries are regularly at work without slowing down or affecting production activities.

In this regard, we inform you that:

“The Ministry of Economic Development communicates that the provisions of article 1, paragraph 1, letter a) apply only to natural persons, as literally indicated in the same decree. Any applicability of the measure to the transit and transport of goods and to the entire production chain to and from the indicated areas is excluded.”

“The provisions of the same article 1, paragraph 1, letter a) do not prohibit natural persons from traveling throughout the national territory for work, necessity or health reasons, as well as carrying out the consequent activities.”

“Goods may enter and exit the areas mentioned in the decree. Transporting goods is considered as a well-grounded work-related reason for moving: carriers may therefore enter and exit as well as move within the affected areas, but only for delivery and/or collection purposes.”

Read further details on the Decree of the Italian PM of March 8, 2020

“WHO has declared that people who receive parcels are not at risk of contracting the new Coronavirus because it is unable to survive on surfaces for long time.”

Regarding the loading and unloading of goods, our internal staff will be equipped with disposable masks and gloves and, in any case, the respect of a minimum safety distance of at least one meter will be required.

Regarding the manufacturing and logistics activities, we can confirm that NO restrictions have been introduced on production, supply chain or transit of people and goods.

In our companies all the prophylaxis measures requested by the Italian Government in accordance with WHO have been applied since a few weeks, to guarantee the health of each collaborator and interlocutor of our business.

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