High energy costs and green transition, it can't all be on the shoulders of businesses.

Tough speech by Andrea Beri, managing director of ITA Spa, at the "Bilanci d'Acciaio" event held in recent days in the Chamber of Commerce in Lecco (Italy).

At the center of the analysis of ITA’s CEO: the increases in energy prices and the green transition. A very difficult year that is now in its final stages for the entire sector, even for all those companies that, over the years, have continued to invest in energy efficiency.

“The problem of the increase in the price of energy goods - explained Beri - is having a heavy impact on the industry. In Italy this criticality has been known for years, but it has never been decided to face it. This year the bill has arrived, a very high bill for companies". The consideration relating to the objectives that the 2030 agenda imposes on the sector is also tinged with bitterness.

“We share the green transition - said Beri - but there must also be economic sustainability. If companies, like ours which have been investing continuously and consistently for years to carry out sustainable projects, are not protected against other countries (Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Korea... for example) there will be no competition. The European Commission must listen to our requests with due attention”.

However, Beri says he is optimistic for the new year thanks to the important recovery of various sectors such as the automotive and infrastructure sectors.