ITA meets young people, the future profession is built together.

"Human resources, as we know, are the true assets of a dynamic, modern and innovative company that, with a long history, always knows how to project itself into the future with farsightedness".

Andrea Beri, managing director of ITA Spa, reaffirms the attention that his company, together with CB and FAR of Steelgroup Holding Italy, has always had towards the workforce. Employment, or rather, the difficulty in finding new professional figures is now the theme in the foreground. A sore point at national level - an emergency - for many companies that are struggling to intercept young graduates, especially.

Fundamental in this regard, therefore, are all the initiatives promoted at the local level to inform young people about opportunities for professional growth. ITA, which has always been sensitive to the issue of training, therefore willingly joined the event organized by Anci Lombardia and the Regional Youth Information Committee which took place on 4th April at the Fondazione Monastero del Lavello.

"Job Pass 2023, career paths and prospects in Valle San Martino" is the title of the orientation day aimed mainly at secondary school students and dedicated to meeting local companies. With ITA also Cartiera dell'Adda, Consolida Consortium, Fontana Group, Gi Group, Iperal and Kong. Objective: to inform students so that they can get to know the job offer and characteristics of the area up close and thus acquire concrete elements so that everyone can choose the training and professional path that best meets their aptitudes and aspirations. "It is our duty - commented Beri - to help our young people!".