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Pc wire and strand

CB Trafilati Acciai S.p.A. has earned the reputation of best producer of 2-3-7 wire strands.

These low relaxation products are used in the building of various structures:

  • in pre-stressed concrete, such as industrial sheds and civil offices, railway sleepers, pipes for high pressure ducts, multi-level parking, prefabricated floor space and girders
  • post tensioned such as highway and railway viaducts, guyed and suspension bridges, and large-scale works in general.


CB Trafilati Acciai S.p.A. produces steel strands for prestressing of concrete or for post-tension applications, for the realization of big projects as nuclear power plants, highways, railways, viaducts and stay-cable bridges, beams and slabsfor prefabricated civil or industrial buildings.

PC Wire

CB Trafilati Acciai S.p.A. produces steel wire in coils or bars, simple or threaded for manifacturing of concrete sleepers for high speed railways or subways, with smooth or indented surface according to customer’s need.

Wire cap

CB Trafilati Acciai S.p.A. produces steel wires in rolls or simple or threaded bars, for prestressing applications intended for the construction of high-speed or railway lines, with smooth or imprinted finish, according to the different needs of the customer.


CB Trafilati Acciai S.p.A. produces high-perfomance steel wire for the construction of suspension bridges with PPWS (Prefabbricated Parallel Wire Strand) technology.


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