Cold Drawn Hexagonal bars 6-65 mm

Multiple defects detection, both longitudinal (cracks) and transverse (scales), that traditional testing equipment are not able to intercept on hexagonal bars Integrated surface inspection up to 41 mm. It could be extended till 65 mm upon request.

Thanks to an innovative in-house developed testing system we are now able to detect longitudinal surface defects on hexagonal bars, which can not be intercepted by using traditional testing systems with rotating probes used for round profiles. Together with some other technical tricks, we are able to obtain a superficial quality class even higher than Class 3, although the EN 10277 guarantees only Class 2 for hexagonal bars.

  • Class 3 - Crack Tested surface for standard ESAMAB material.
  • Surface quality even higher than Class 3 for ESAMAB “Per Dadi” (“nuts”) material
  • Extremities of the bar with identical size and shape of the rest of the bar
  • Small chamfer of a few millimeters to avoid any waste
  • 90° chamfer ends upon request
  • Special surface finishing to avoid marks after zinc coating on wrought components
  • Straightness = 0,5 mm/m, halved than required according to EN 10277

Hexagons can be marked with logos and writings of customer’s choice, by engraving on a single face or on two opposing ones, maintaining a high straightness of the drawn bars. In some cases, marking can also be performed on round bars.