Cold Drawn Round bars 15-45 mm


  • Production in 6 meters bars, sawn in half only after eddy-current testing
  • Surface quality check guaranteed also for the first 5 centimeters of the extremity

Eddy-current testing is guaranteed even in the first 5 centimeters of the extremity of the bar, usually not controllable, as it is performed on 6 meters bars before sawing. Thanks to two innovative production lines, bars are crossed after the sawing process and, once chamfered, they become the two tested extremities.

  • Surface quality class higher than Class 3 for standard MAB70 material
  • Surface quality class of MAB70 “Per Boccole” (“hose ferrule”) material close to Class 4.
  • Perfect bar ends with identical size and shape of the rest of the bar Small chamfer of a few millimeters to avoid any waste
  • 90° chamfer ends upon request
  • Straightness = 0,5 mm/m, halved than expected according to EN 10277