Steelgroup is always young ….. especially in spirit!

“Young people seek a heart that understands rather than a light that illuminates”, Pope John Paul II said.
And Steelgroup has always had this heart.
The Group’s top management offer tangible, tireless support to a number of local sports associations, sustaining small clubs which – as we all know – offer young people the opportunity to exchange ideas, socialise and grow up with respect for themselves and others.
As well as basketball and skiing, Steelgroup also loves speed.
It’s a passion that’s in the blood, given the past history of some family members, and this year it has been expressed in sponsorship of the Zanchi Motor Sport karting team, which is competing in the well known Rok Cup, a circuit of races that has grown since its foundation in 2003 to the point where it is now an event of international importance.
Amongst those proudly defending the honour of the Zanchi Motor Sport team colours is the very young Luca Baggioli.
Due to the health emergency, this year the Rok Cup got off to a late start, at Lonato on the 5th of July.
However, the races will continue until the end of October with more events: the second of August at Adria, the 30th of August at Lonato again and the 25th of October at Castelletto di Branduzzo.