Since 1974 steel products in the heart of Triveneto


Established in 1974 in Tezze sul Brenta, in the north-east of Italy, CB Trafilati Acciai, owes its name to the acronym of the founder families, Corti and Beri. Since 2008 is owned 100% by the Beri family, but it maintains the original name CB Trafilati Acciai.

The excellence in a technologically advanced sector

CB Trafilati Acciai is a leading company in steel production in the field of prestressing and post-tensioning. The product range meets the needs of the most demanding customers worldwide, with its variety of products: strand and wire. These products are used for pre_stressed concrete and post tension. The products are used in the prefabrication industry and large infrastructures for pre-stressing and post-tensioning engineering works, both national and international. Professionalism, quality and reliability are for CB essential characteristics of any project.


The production plant

Our factory, which covers an area of ​​32,000 m², is located in Tezze sul Brenta (VI), 50 km from Venice, close to the major ports and main roads that connect the rest of Europe. This geographical location, has positively influenced the growth of our company, characterizing its achievements under a profile of technological and organizational progress.


32.000 m² production area

150.000 tons annual production capacity

CB product range operating sectors

CB Trafilati Acciai S.p.A. has earned the reputation as the best manufacturer of wire, 2-3 and 7 wire strand for pre-stressed and post-tension. These low relaxation products are used in the construction of different structures:


  • industrial sheds
  • civil offices
  • railways sleepers
  • multilevel parking
  • prefabricated floor space and girders
  • LNG tanks


  • highway and railway viaducts
  • guyed and suspension bridges
  • LNG tanks
  • large-scale works in general


The company is ISO 9001 Certified since 1993 (among the first in Italy) and it maintains a high level of quality as a necessary condition for sector leadership in Italy and an important role player in Europe and in the area of Mediterranean.

Consolidated Results

CB Trafilati Acciai S.p.A. can count on a powerful management system that optimizes the productivity / quality binomial: a solid base that permits to maintain product certifications. We have obtained approvals with the authorized bodies of various European countries (France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Spain, Croatia, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia) for a total of more than 30 types of products. We can also produce according to ASTM, BS, EN, ISO, SIA or other standards requested by the customer. CB Trafilati Acciai also obtained in 2016 the European status of AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) which allows us to reduce the export practices of our products. Finally, the company has implemented an Ethic Code and issued an internal regulation that meets the requirements of Legislative Decree 231/2001.

Quality Department and Laboratory

Thanks to the most complete internal laboratory in the sector, we are able to carry out all the tests, destructive and not, required by the current regulations. Moreover we can perform the metallographic analyzes in order to verify that the technical specifications, the international norms and the company standards are reached in the various steps of the production process. We check the quality of the incoming raw material, the parameters in production and we perform many types of tests on the finished product. This control process allow us to obtain a double result: to optimize the quality of the finished product and to implement the characteristics of the raw materials to meet the new needs of the customer and modern projects.

The internal laboratory can perform the following tests:

  • Axial tensile test with stress-strain diagram
  • Deflected tensile test
  • Fatigue
  • Relaxation test with temperatures from 20°C to 70°C
  • Stress corrosion test on acids
  • Stress corrosion test on distilled water
  • Hydrogen embrittlement test
  • Alternate and 180° bending test
  • Torsion test
  • Hardness
  • Friction test on sheathed strand
  • Impact (shock) test on sheathed strand
  • Bond conservation under thermal variations on sheathed strand
  • Stress cracking resistance on sheathed strand
  • Static and dynamic leak tightness test on sheathed strand
  • Rotative bending test on sheathed strand
  • Check on quantity, continuity and adherence of the zinc coating of wires
  • Tensile test on PE sheathing
  • Melt Flow Index on PE
  • Metallographic analysis with segregation and inclusion check
  • Analysis on pickling baths and on process and waste waters


Since many years CB Trafilati Acciai invests on technologies that improve the energy management.

In fact it has installed a technologically advanced trigeneration plant. The process takes place by using a last generation generator that produces energy and recovers the heat produced and through exchangers is also able to cool some sectors of the production plant.

More and mre energy autonomy

The energy self-production, for CB Trafilati Acciai, represents about 30% of the company's total needs. In the course of 2022 will be completed the installation of another trigeneration plant, "twin" to the one already in service. This fact has a positive impact also from the environmental protection point of view because allow us to reduce the emissions of CO2 in atmosphere.


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