Metallurgica Alta Brianza S.p.A.



Since 1949 Metallurgica Alta Brianza S.p.A. has been manufacturing drawn, peeled and rolled, ground bars.

  • Production capacity and flexibility.
  • Processing and product quality system.
  • Wide range of products.
  • Customer satisfaction.

MAB set up its company identity on such four main pillars, supporting its constant growth in time.

Since September 2001 MAB has been moved to the new Lecco plant, 32,000 covered square meters, where the company headquarters and a wide storage plant are located.

Customers all over Europe and in many countries outside Europe, profit from the MAB product range to process any mechanical parts in many different operating sectors:

  • car
  • hydraulic pipe fittings
  • bolts and nuts
  • valves
  • gears
  • hardware
  • carpentry
  • machineries to be used in any industrial sector.

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Metallurgica Alta Brianza S.p.A.

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