High resistance tempered steel wire


F.A.R. S.p.A. is specialized in the production of high resistance tempered steel wire for the automotive or aerospace industry or, more in general, anywhere there is a use of elastic components in critical conditions with strong mechanical stresses.

F.A.R. S.p.A. is the supplier of microalloyed steel wire with a complete product range from 3,00 mm to 18,50 mm. Thanks to the technologically advanced machinery and thanks to the high quality standards applied both on the production process and on the final controls, F.A.R. S.p.A. is a reliable supplier for the best spring producers in the world.


Our plant

Our plant, that covers an area of 19.000 m², is located in north-eastern Italy, in the industrial area of Villapaiera of Feltre (BL), in the fantastic background of the National Park of Dolomites of Belluno, 90 km from Venice.


Productive plant: 19.000 m²

Production capacity: 17.000 tons/year

Employees: 50

Annual revenue: 25.000.000 euro

FAR product range operating sectors

  • automotive OEM
  • automotive after market
  • engineering
  • agriculture
  • aviation and aerospace


F.A.R. S.p.A. has been certified for years UNI ISO 9001 and starting from 2004 F.A.R. S.p.A. has achieved the IATF 16949 certification that associates our company’s name with quality and realiability.

Total quality

Total quality for FAR means a combination of actual operating protocols which guide each phase of the organization, production process and relationship with customers. The careful choice of raw materials through well-established partnerships with certified suppliers and the precise inspection steps during different phases are a top priority.

The internal laboratory of quality control, with both metallographic and chemical analysis, carries our inspections and dynamic tests (traction, torsion and bending) recording the results for the best traceability and statistics. The planning center establishes the most suitable production parameters for each phase with standardized procedures following all product batches and assuring the complete traceability.


The close location to the border of the National Park of Dolomites, has always dictated a special attention to ecology, to respect of nature, to an armonization with the environment in every stage of the production process. Not only is environmental awareness a duty for F.A.R. S.p.A., but it is also a responsability and a pride.


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