Metallurgica Alta Brianza S.p.A. has produced cold drawn steel bars since 1949


Production capacity and flexibility, system and product quality, completeness of range, availability from stock, short delivery times and customer satisfaction. These are the factors on which MAB has built its corporate identity, which have assured constant growth. MAB is located in an area of 54.000 m2, of which 32.000 m2 indoor, in order to guarantee a wide area for production and stock, with 20,000 tons of finished products, including over 1,500 items, for just in time supply.

Our history


Output of
70.000 tonnes

For the production of cold drawn steel bars MAB has 8 coil to bar combined lines and 3 bar to bar draw benches. MAB’s products are used for hydraulic fittings, Automotive industry and furnishings. They are also used for valves, gears, components, carpentry and industrial machinery. Flexibility, production capabilities and raw material assortment enable MAB to produce custom sizes and shapes upon request.



32,000 m2 indoor to provide suitable space for both production and wide stock.

20,000 tons of finished products for just in time supply (about 1,500 items).

MAB product range operating sectors

  • car
  • hydraulic pipe fittings
  • bolts and nuts
  • valves
  • gears
  • hardware
  • carpentry
  • machineries to be used in any industrial sector

Quality and

Metallurgica Alta Brianza S.p.A. was one of the first companies in the steel industry to be certified according to EN ISO 9001 and now EN ISO 9001:2015. The business organization is totally focused on quality and customer satisfaction, in full compliance with the procedures in the different stages of the business activity.

MAB has also implemented a series of accurate checks and controls on steels, as a guarantee of the total quality of the product. Random checks are constantly carried out on the finished products thanks to the equipped in-house laboratory.

A new-generation 600 KN Galdabini dynamometer is equipped with hydraulic vices and an automatic extensometer, which allows traction testing on samples up to 36 mm; for bigger dimensions, tensile tests are performed on proportional samples.

A high precision optical measuring device carries out measurements down to a micrometer on special sections bars, where rays, concavities, depth, parallelism and perpendicularity cannot be detected with traditional instruments.

Latest generation optical mobile spectrometer carries out chemical analysis on both incoming materials and finished products.

Circograph and Defectomat non-destructive tests analyze the depth of the defects and Magnatest ensures anti-mixing.


New investments for Metallurgica Alta Brianza SpA in terms of energy self-sufficiency. MAB looks with confidence to the construction of its solar power plants with particular attention to sustainability.

MAB focuses on clean energy by investing in a new photovoltaic system: 1250 panels (400 W each) will cover approximately 6,000 m2 of the 32,000 m2 of the production site in Lecco, viale Giacomo Brodolini. The new plant under development, which should be ready and operating within summer 2022, will be able to produce a quarter of the energy power that MAB annually needs and therefore 500 kWh of the 2,000 kWh needed.


Photovoltaic panels


Square meters


kWh energy power



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