MAB innovates and puts on the market two brand new products

Two new product ranges in just two years.
Metallurgica Alta Brianza keeps on investing in innovation and quality.
The latest news in MAB are MAB70 and ESAMAB. Many advantages and guarantees offered by these new products.
Cold drawn round bars with diameters from 15 to 46 mm belong to the MAB70 range, launched in 2019 while celebrating the first 70 years of MAB history.
These rounds are the result of the drawing process of six-meter bars sawn in half only after eddy-current testing, which guarantees surface integrity even in the first 5 cm of the extremities of the bar.
Further advantages are the perfect ends with identical size and shape of the rest of the bar, the minimum chamfer to reduce waste by the Customer and a straightness halved compared to the norm.
ESAMAB, born just one year after MAB70, concerns the drawn hexagons from 6 to 65 mm.
Thanks to an innovative in-house developed testing system MAB is now able to detect longitudinal surface discontinuities (cracks) also on hexagonal bars and can guarantee a superficial quality class even higher than Class 3.
Further advantages are the ends without dimensional differences compared to the rest of the bar, a special surface finishing to avoid spots emerging after zinc coating and also in this case a straightness halved compared to the norm.

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